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Here is a taste of some of the creative work completed in 2011.

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Creative Arts Exhibition 2011

Ali gordon

Wow !!

I hope you can  have this playing on a loop on the night so that as people wander through the completed work they can see the procees going on around them.

There is so much creative work going on  here in so many different mediums; clay, paints,animation, textiles all that before we get to the use of videos and ipads. Amazing, Good luck with it. I'll try my best to come but can't promise.

Caroline Pearce

I really enjoyed watching this showcase and remembering all the fantastic things that are achieved by staff and students working together at Oak Lodge. Have a wonderful evening, and if the promo video is anything to go by, people will be blown away by the talents!

Roger Legate - Acting Principal

We are going to have an Art wall at Linden Lodge. I am buying work today to display there. The work is stunning and is testimony to the students' talents and tremendous hard work. The exhibition for me is better than last year and has demonstrated creativity , teamwork, and collective enterprise.

Derek Rodger

The quality of artwork is always improving and the innovation is on the edge!

Sandra Brown (TA)

I think that the energy is fabulous. The pupils look so proud. The guests are genuinely having a great time.You can see all the hard work that has gone into each piece of artwork.


Really exciting. A lot of colour. A lot of energy. We love the idea of the t-shirts. The chairs are great.

Beautiful. It's wonderful and I am in love with the event, will come again!


This look unbelievable and well done to tommy.

Shanee Buxton (Head Teacher)

Thursday night was amazing! It was wonderful to see such a fabulous display of our pupils' work all in one place and to have the opportunity to share it with others . The pupils' looked so proud and rightly so!

Thank you for all your efforts in making this a huge success.

Tobi (Year 11)

Wow! The exhibition was fantastic.

I didn’t think anyone would like my work. But a lot of people were interested in it. I sold some work! I am a lot more confident about it. I am so proud.

Tommy (Year 11)

I was nervous, a lot of people came, I tried to interest people in my work and persuade them to buy my caricatures. I sold one caricature to Mr Legate. I was so relieved! My family thought all the money went to Oak Lodge, but I told them it goes to me, they thought I should give Oak Lodge 50%, but I explained I have to  pay 20% commission.

I am happy with myself.

Harrison (Year 11)

Last night was fantastic! A lot of people said I was talented and they asked me how I designed my t-shirts. I sold a lot of my work. My mum cried a little bit when she came to the exhibition, she had never seen my artwork before, she was so proud of me. She hugged me, I was very happy.

Nina (year 9)

On Thursday night I came to the exhibition help because I stay in the residential. I really liked Shyann's framed work and Annela's sketchbook. Some people bought work and everyone looked really happy. I saw lots of project videos from year 7 to 11. I thought they were fantastic! The best project was my group..9C.. We made signed poetry after visiting "ColourScape".

Thomas (year 9)

I really liked all of it! Different people, different colours. Portraits.... Photographs... all very interesting... good ideas!

Lesley Davidson

The art here really is amazing... Every year it's fantastic! Its always engaging and impressive. Today I have seen so much colour and such a variety of ideas....The creativity is excellent!

Julia Rowntree (Arts Coordinator)

It was great to visit Oak Lodge and to see the spectacular exhibition last week.  The scale and range of work is truly outstanding and communicates individual student's expressivity very powerfully.  If a national arts department award was in my gift, I'd give it to Oak Lodge.  The work you and Tara do is exceptional.